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June 2019

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Interesting facts on the Process of refining sunflower oil Nowadays usage of refined sunflower oil has increased and it has become a very common cooking oil, Due to this the cultivation of Sunflower has expanded to a larger extent and the countries that involves in cultivation are Ukraine, Russia, China, Bulgaria, Romania, United republic of Tanzania, Turkey, Hungry, France, and Argentina etc. Sunflower oil as a very healthy form of cooking oil is extracted from sunflower seeds by solvent extraction method or screw oil press method. When the oil is extracted from the sunflower seed it is called as Crude sunflower oil and at this stage the oil have impurities , undesirable oil-soluble and insoluble impurities. The crude sunflower oil should not be used and it has to go through filtering and refining process, before the final refined sunflower oil is

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Therapeutic nature of Sunflower oil Sunflower plant can heal diseases: Sunflower which is called by its botanical name Helianthus annuus is a rich and miraculously created oil seed crop which is cultivated all over the world for its seeds. Research has been made on sunflower plant and it’s seed which are the potential source of sunflower oil and the results provided amazing facts about the nature of sunflower seeds and oil. The results declared that Sunflower Seeds and oil are nutritiously dense food that plays a significant role in healing chronic inflammatory diseases, infections like fungal and bacterial and mainly cardiovascular diseases , skin diseases and cancer to a larger extent. Sunflower oil could perform healing because of the presence of phytosterols (are a group of naturally occurring compounds found in plant cell membranes. They are structurally similar to the body's cholesterol,

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Get to Know What is Special about Sunflower oil What is the source of sunflower oil? Sunflower oil is produced from the seeds of sunflowers. It is made by pressing the seeds to extract the oil. Why is sunflower oil good for diet? Sunflower oil releases unsaturated fat and it works on the body by replacing the bad saturated fats which is not good for health. Many people do not know the actual meaning of saturated and unsaturated fatty acid. Which makes them ignore the facts attached to the refined sunflower oil. Unsaturated fat: It is a type of fat that contains high proportion of fatty acid molecules with at least one double bond, its a healthiest form of fatty acid that is good for diet than the saturated fatty acid. Saturated fat: It is a type of fat that raises the level of LDL cholesterol

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Phenomenal Tips to Live a Long Life Life is a mysterious journey, why worry about things that cannot be changed nor altered? Instead of spending every minute worrying about things that bring stress to once body, one can indulge in pretty good activities with family, friends, and workmates. Our body needs very good care to make it go on for a long run. So a proper diet cooked with SunRight refined sunflower oil can make you reach your health goals without any pressure. The more you concentrate on giving your body the maximum time, the more you can live happily without spending time and your fortune on health care. Make a change in your lifestyle and in your eating habits. Learn every detail about the products you intake and about everything you plan to do. If you're really looking for an alternative

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] You Have a Lot to Learn About Your Health No one would have imagined about these surprising facts on human health. With the daily news updates and health reports circulated by social media, it is hard to track authentic facts on health and its related issues. In order to keep you on top of your wisdom, some of the best health facts have been highlighted. You need to laugh a lot. Laughing increases blood flow by 20% in your body. The largest part of your body is your skin. Take good care of it as it defends you against disease and infection. Too much of sitting, especially with electronic devices and too much sleeping can cause early death If you love coffee, then drink coffee. Drinking coffee reduces the risk of mental depression. Smelling rosemary is very good. When you smell