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We offer pure & healthy Sunright Refined Sunflower Oil & Clever Refined Palmolein.


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Indian cooking isn't complete without the sizzle of oil. For the foremost part, just about every recipe includes something along the lines of, “heat the oil in an exceedingly pan,” at some point within the instructions. Whether it’s your favorite dal or a mouthwatering sweet dish, everything tastes better when combined with the proper quiet oil. It can amp up taste while frying, cooking, or maybe even as a dressing over your favorite salad. except for taste, it’s also a awfully well-known proven fact that adding the proper amount of oil in your diet can prevent and cure many health problems. In other words, your desi ‘tadka’ are often of great benefit to your health. The Importance of Oil in Our Diets Many might imagine that dishes cooked without oil are healthier than the choice, but let me enlighten you for a

Scientists and nutritionists dispel the myths doing rounds on social media platforms In the wake of misleading messages doing rounds on social media platforms about refined vegetable oils, Scientific Panel on Oils and Fats at Foods Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has said that refined oils are totally safe to use as oil. Chairperson of the Scientific Panel on Oils and Fats (FSSAI) R.B.N. Prasad said the FSSAI recognised several oils for cooking purpose and a majority of those oils required refining. Because the oil obtained either from expellers or solvent extraction plants would contain some impurities which adversely affect the security, flavour, odour and appearance of oil, they're required to be removed for creating the oil edible and for ensuring a long period of time.   He was speaking at a seminar on ‘Edible Oils – Myths and Facts’ organised by